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Concert in London at 16th August









Taeko sone


Sone Taeko was born in Shizuoka.
She graduates from Vocal section at Showa University
of Music, Japan, where she studied singing especially Opera and got master’s degree.
She studied under Ms. Haneda Atsuko and Mr. Shibayama Masanori.
She got training in Schiavone, Italy.
Recommended by her University, she took a lesson of Teresa Berganza Vargas.
In 2013, She made her operatic debut by Carolina in Il matrimony segreto, in her graduation show.
After completing her degree, she became research assistant in her University and worked on her research at Institute for Research in Opera and Music Theatre.
She finished the course which was conducted human resource development programs of cultural art in 2017.
She is a vocal teacher of Yamaha music school and supervised by Kokorouta music school in Okinawa, Shizuoka and Tokyo.
In September of 2013, she made an appearance at a bridal show by Katsura Yumi, and at a fashion show by designers from 5countries of ASEAN at the Tokyo tower in October.
She started streaming “Anata no Furusato”, “Taisetsu na mono hodo menomae ni aru” and “Rai no tsubasa” on 24th September in 2016.
She was invited to be on the radio program of FM Okinawa which introduced someone who acted with ambitions.
She sang “O mio babbino caro”, inserted in the movie ”Koufuku no aribai ~picture~” directed by ZINNAI Takanori in 2017.
She also appeared as a voice actress in “Tosa no Katsuo hime”, CD of a folk story in Kochi, released from TSUTAYA, Tower Record etc… in August of 2017.